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Frank Ponterio

Staten Island, NY
  • Frank Ponterio in the photo 1

I was admitted to HSS following a fall that caused a fracture of my femur at its intersection with a prosthetic hip. At age 91, I had serious concerns about recovering full mobility. These concerns were significantly allayed by the professionalism of the many doctors, nurses, and staff involved in my care. This was especially true of Dr. Gausden, who was recommended by Dr. Allan Inglis, the surgeon who replaced my hip twelve years ago. At her initial bedside visit, Dr. Gausden clearly described my condition and the surgical procedure she had chosen. At each post-op visit, Dr. Gausden carefully explained my recovery progress. Throughout my stay, I always felt I was fortunate to be in the care of a very competent and caring doctor who was committed to achieving a good outcome. My recovery has been remarkable. I could not ask for any more.