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Frank LaRocca

Freehold, NJ
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At 54-years-old, having recently competed in a half Ironman, the unthinkable happened. At the time, I was avidly playing organized men's softball and training for the NJ Powerlifting Over 50 competition.

Then, in a split-second, on a diving play, my shoulder popped and my rotator cuff was torn. Season over, training over, invincibility over.

Fortunately, I was referred to HSS and Dr. Josh Dines. He saw me right away for an evaluation and agreed to handle the surgery. On October 15, 2019 I arrived at HSS for my surgery. From the pre-op to the post-op and beyond, I was treated life a professional athlete, with compassion, care and understanding.

I followed the doctor's rehab plan to a tee, and by March, I was back on the field and back in the gym. Today, my 56th birthday, and almost one year from rotator reconstruction, I benched pressed 315 pounds WITHOUT ANY PAIN.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Dr. Dines and his amazing staff fro giving me back my life.