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Frank Giovinco

Northport, NY
  • Frank Giovinco in the photo 1

I had a history of chronic knee pain for a couple of years. Prior treatments included physical therapy, cortisone shots, single shot gel injections and triple shot gel injections - none of which worked. The bottom line was that I developed osteoarthritis, bow legs, and the cartilage in my knees were non-existent. The cure was going to be bilateral knee replacement surgery. I did my research and found out that Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) was the best there was and Doctor Thomas Sculco held the same title. I called Doctor Sculco's office in May and got an appointment for the next day due to a cancellation. Doctor Sculco confirmed the knees needed to be replaced. On June 19th, I had the surgery and everything Dr. Sculco said he was going to do he did. My legs were no longer bowed, and within 3 weeks I was walking without a walker or cane. As suggested by HSS I went to Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy 3 days a week. I now have full range of motion with most of my leg strength back. I returned to work in the construction industry within 10 weeks. Now that I have no knee pain, I am also back serving my community as a volunteer fighter and riding my motorcycles. The best part is now I can play with my seven grandchildren without being in pain.

Thank you HSS, Dr. Thomas Sculco and Ivy Rehab for giving me my life back.