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Frank Gabrielsen

Brooklyn, NY

I was impressed with Dr. Huang on my very first visit. He was very easy to talk to and discuss your situation. My problem was located in my neck. Vertebrae were in need of repair. There was a risk of loosing movement in areas. My arms , hands and fingers needed to work.

After examining me, Dr. Huang took a look at my X-Rays and MRI. He then explained what was going on and how he would repair it. He took a lot of time to answer all my questions and concerns. The thought of needing surgery on your neck was kind of frightening. Especially when I've never been operated on .

As Dr. Huang said, it was a lot of information to absorb and think about. Also to get back to him with an answer when I was ready. Well I thought about it good and hard. The very next day I called and told his staff I wanted to proceed.

Dr. Huang has an amazing staff that works with him. Hava, Erica and Jennifer are very professional at what they do. Any time I needed information or a question answered they took care of it, If they needed to get back to me, they did. You were not forgotten.

They set up my pre -op visits all to take place in one day at HSS. The appointments were one after the other. This made it so much easier to deal with. They are a great team and I appreciated everything they did for me.

One of the pre-op appointments was with Dr. Craig. He also was an exceptional doctor. His job was to make sure I was healthy enough to be operated on and most of all make it through the operation. He was very serious and thorough about his work. I have a lot of respect for him.

My stay at HSS was made very comfortable. My nurse Ray Ray, who woke me after the operation, just couldn't do enough for me. My physical therapy teams were tops. They got me up and going.

On the third day I was given clearance to be released. With that, a wonderful nurse by the name of Danielle got me set to leave.

So far as the operation, it all went well. Dr. Huang did a fantastic job. I have already had my six week visit and meeting with Dr. Huang. We looked over the x- ray together and I was able to see his work. It was amazing. I feel very fortunate to of been in Dr. Huang's care. Your in the best of hands with him. Many of the things that were discussed on my first visit were just as he said. I had no real pain to speak of.

Five days after the operation I stopped all pain meds. Didn't need them any more. Vertebras 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 were worked on. The only time I took the neck brace off was to shower. The brace was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. After a few weeks the incision started clearing up. Now it's been ten weeks and in two I'll have my second visit. People are always asking how I'm feeling. I tell them that it gets better every day. The brace came off at the six week visit but I choose to use it at bed time and when I go into crowded areas. All together I am so happy I chose HSS and Dr. Huang. It made the journey so much easier.

A very big Thank You to Dr. Huang, his staff, all who work with him and HSS.