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Francis Smulders

West Simsbury, CT

A few years ago I had left hip replacement surgery that failed. Over time it became very difficult and painful to walk even with a cane. I began a search and found Hospital for Special Surgery. After reviewing my medical records the Hospital recommended Dr. Bradford Waddell. On the first visit Dr. Waddell knew that the implant was not right and the abductor muscles were seriously damaged. He spent the necessary time to explain in detail what was wrong and needed to be done to repair the damage.

His administrative assistant Viviane took control and worked overtime to schedule surgery resulting in a short three week pre-operation and operation cycle for which I am deeply appreciative.

On the day of surgery Dr. Waddell reviewed in detail the procedure he would be doing – drawing pictures that a layperson could clearly understand. During the pre-operation, physical, and post-operation recovery the entire staff of nurses, aides, and administration personnel were all very professional and provided excellent care during my time in the hospital.

I began in home physical therapy the day after returning from the hospital. Dr. Waddell’s office was in constant contact with the PT who was aware of the extensive surgery. She presses me physically to strengthen the muscles, but at the same time was very careful that I do not do anything that may affect the healing of the new muscles.

Because of the need to rebuild the abductor muscles that control the proper movement of the hip and leg, the recovery cycle will be longer than a normal hip replacement.

At this point, recovery has been life renewing and being a healthy 85-year-old I look forward to getting back to the active life I had before the original failed hip surgery.

I have difficulty finding the words that express my appreciation for the highly professional manner in which Viviane, Dr. Waddell and Hospital for Special Surgery managed and cared for me during this stressful period.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Waddell to any individual in need of hip revision surgery.