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Fran McConnell

East Hampton, NY
  • Fran McConnell in the photo 1

I spend my winters in Florida since I retired from my teaching career. In November 2017, the day I arrived, I had the misfortune to break my toe. I was put in a boot for ten weeks. Ugh!

Once the toe healed, I slowly started to resume my activities, only to have my right knee swell up. It remained swollen in spite of ice, rest, massage, etc. I went to a well-known orthopedic clinic in central Florida only to be told there was nothing they could do for me. That is not a response that sat well with me!

I called HSS in early March 2018 and asked which doctors took my insurance. The pleasant gentleman on the phone gave me three names, one of which was Dr. Metzl. There was no doubt who I was going to choose, since I was already familiar with Dr. Metzl, having read many of his articles in running and triathlon magazines. I made an appointment for April, when I would return to New York.

The first thing Dr. Metzl did was remove fluid from my knee...ah, some relief at last. Then we spoke about his plan for me, which was three Orthovisc shots, and the last one would be mixed with PRP. On my second visit, I told him I couldn’t find any research done on PRP and Orthovisc combined. He asked me to trust him, so I did. I had the last shot with PRP in July, after living with a swollen knee since January.

It is now March 2019, I am so happy with my knee! It never swells, it doesn’t hurt. I am biking quite a bit, and swimming, and have started a gradual walk/run program. I’m signed up for a 70.3 Triathlon in June.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Metzl for getting me Back in the Game!