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Florence Lipton

Weston, CT
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I came to Dr. Anil Ranawat after suffering a full hamstring tear, which happened while I was trail running on a beautiful fall morning. I was deep in the woods but managed to get out by limping my way out. I went to an emergency orthopedic clinic, and after an examination and MRI, I saw an orthopedic surgeon who suggested I did not need surgery. It seemed like a crazy approach, so I got a second opinion at HSS with Dr. Sutton, who told me I definitely needed surgery, which made a lot more sense since the tendon was 2.5 cm from the hip bone! From there, she referred me to Dr. Ranawat since my sciatic nerve was involved and he uses a hand surgeon in this situations to take care of the nerve before doing the reattachment.

I went to meet Dr. Ranawat, who had the best bedside manner ever! He told me surgery would be the next day! Everything went well and 2 days later, I was home and starting PT right away. After a lot of PT and work, I am back on the bike, the gym and the slopes! I can not be thankful enough to have landed at HSS and especially in Dr. Ranawat's hands! He saved me from what could have left me crippled for life! Best decision ever!