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Farrah Weinstein

Port Washington, NY
  • Farrah Weinstein in the photo 1
  • Farrah Weinstein in the photo 2

Dr. Gregory DiFelice is a miracle worker. On October 5th, 2022 I tore my ACL, meniscus and MCL - the Unhappy Triad - on a trampoline while enjoying a day with my 6-year-old. I never tore a ligament or broke a bone in my body. It was extremely scary and painful, and I felt so hopeless and confused. First doctor I saw recommended coping, and told me that at the age of 46 I should not undergo surgery. Another doctor said he could do ACL reconstruction with a cadaver graft. I was unconvinced these were my only options. I considered stem cell therapy at one point as well.

Then a friend told me about HSS. I went to their website, found Dr. DiFelice, and started doing my research and I knew I had to have a consultation. Upon meeting him, he took the time and energy to sooth my worries, and he assured me he would do everything he could to save my ACL and booked me in for surgery right away. The idea that I could keep my own organic, natural ACL was mind-blowing to me! And it made so much sense!

As a yoga enthusiast, I would only dream of doing Child's pose again. The warmth and comfort of that pose was a far off reality, I had almost surrendered to the idea that nothing would ever be the same again.

Now, a year later, I have full rotation with my knee and can do Child's pose, sit Indian style, do CrossFit, go cycling and attend music concerts front-row for two hours standing, just like I used to. I am so grateful to HSS and to their amazing team of nurses and staff and to the incredibly SPECIAL and amazing Dr. D. for performing his miracles.