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Evan Glatzer

New York, NY
  • Evan Glatzer in the photo 1
  • Evan Glatzer in the photo 2

In the fall of 2015 while playing on my school’s 7th grade soccer team, I dislocated my right kneecap. When I looked down and saw the kneecap on the side of my leg, I pushed it back with my hand hoping that it was nothing, but the damage was already done. I had torn my medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL). As a competitive and aspiring basketball player, I was told that I could try rehab and strengthen the muscles around my knee and play on, but if I dislocated it again, I would definitely need surgery if I wanted to continue to be an athlete. I rehabbed for 9 months, got back on the court, and within several weeks I dislocated it again coming down for a rebound. Game over! My hopes for avoiding surgery were crushed and my dreams of playing high school and college basketball were dashed.

I had MPFL replacement surgery with Dr. Daniel Green in April 2016 using an autograft. Dr. Green was great and guided me through the surgery, post-op, and rehab, always expressing tremendous confidence that the surgery went well and that I would make a full recovery. After another 9 long months of rehab, I was cleared for “return to play” and got back to the courts to pursue my dreams.

I write this in November 2020, hoping to have my senior basketball season, but the COVID pandemic has put that on hold. However, I have started on my high school basketball team since 9th grade, scored my 1000th point in the middle of my junior year, and my team won the New York State championship last year. In addition, I recently committed to play basketball collegiately next Fall. So for those of you facing a similar injury and wondering whether you can get back to playing sports at a high level, I am living proof that it is absolutely possible!

Thank you Dr. Green and HSS!