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Eva Nyman

Monroe, NJ
  • Eva Nyman in the photo 1

After years of PT and injections, I suffered with loss of strength in my foot. I had never had surgery before and wanted NO part of it, but recognized I no longer had a choice. I reached out to HSS - I wouldn't have surgery anywhere but the best! After a consultation with Dr. Hughes, fusion surgery was scheduled for May 1, 2019. ALL went well and I was committed to doing everything I could to heal. Each day I would walk and every few days, I increased my distance. Within the first 3 months, I was walking 4 miles each morning. After 3 months, I was back on a beach cruiser bike and quickly started doing 10 mies. My husband and I had a hiking trip to Yellowstone scheduled for early September, and Dr. Hughes was confident I would be fine for the trip. Well, we are back from our hike, and it was a blast! THANK YOU Dr. Hughes!