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Eun Kim

Bronx, NY
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I am an avid hiker, skier, stand up paddle boarder, kayaker, ping pong player, and love to swim in the lakes and rivers. In January 2018 while skiing, I had an accident fracturing my right femur and had a surgery using screws and plates to hold together. I was under the care of orthopedic doctor who ignored my complaints of pain on my knee and back pain. I could not walk, run, or bend my knee. I was getting depressed realizing that I will be with pain for the rest of my life and not be able to be in the nature to roam around. My mission was to find best hospital and best surgeon to understand my pain. That was Dr Ricci at HSS! Yes, he understood my pain. April 2019, I had a surgery for removal of hardware right femur. Two weeks after surgery I could walk again without pain! September 2019, I hiked 120 miles (Tour du Mount Blanc). October 2019, I started hike at 5am till 9:15pm for 62.74 miles!

Back in the game better than ever!

Thank you team at HSS! Dr. Ricci not only listened, but he gave me my life back!