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Eugenia Kiesling

Monroe, NY
  • Eugenia Kiesling in the photo 1

Because of a sports injury in 1973 and intensive physical activity thereafter, I have lived most of my life with severe pain in my left knee. I gave up competitive rowing in 1981 and running in 1986, but continued cycling, mountain climbing, swimming, yoga, skiing, and horseback riding. The pain in the knee increased so from 2010 to June 2014 I wore a brace, but even walking became increasingly uncomfortable. Not being able to move like an athlete left me severely depressed.

The total knee replacement in June 2014 appears to have been a complete success. Less than six months after surgery, my walking pace is now five miles an hour. My rowing ergometer scores are better than they were when I abandoned that activity due to knee pain in 2002. I spent the Thanksgiving holiday riding my bike in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Today I did yoga, took a jumping lesson on horseback, rode a spin bike, and lifted weights. I look forward to skiing and ice climbing once the weather turns cold. In short, I feel like an athlete again.