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Erin Shaw

Exeter, RI
  • Erin Shaw in the photo 1
  • Erin Shaw in the photo 2

Before meeting Dr. Rozbruch I had been battling a tibia deformity for 3 years. In 2013 I broke my leg during a high school soccer game. I collided with another player who was wearing a metal knee brace. Her brace happened to hit me right below my shinguard and caused a displaced tibia fracture. The treatment I received for my fracture at the time was the reason for my deformity. Unfortunately my bone was over corrected and never healed straight. Dr. Rozbruch helped me get back into the game by confidently correcting my deformity. I wore an external fixator for a few months before going into a cast and then a boot. Every experience I had during my time at the hospital was a good one. I cannot thank Dr. Rozbruch and the entire hospital staff enough. Thanks to them, I am now back in the game and my leg feels better than ever!