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Erik Iversen

Caldwell, NJ
  • Erik Iversen in the photo 1
  • Erik Iversen in the photo 2

8 years ago, I came to HSS for a left hip resurfacing due to osteoarthritis. I had been limping, and in pain, and the procedure with Dr. Mayman was a delightful surprise - he was so clear and precise in his evaluations, always willing to detail the latest options and clarify the procedure, which went exactly as forecast.

For the past 8 years my left hip has functioned like new, not a twinge of pain, and feels like a hundred percent. At the time I was diagnosed for the left hip, Dr. Mayman indicated some signs in the right hip and forecast that I'd likely be back for surgery on that hip in the future!

So much has changed in the past 8 years, not to mention - I now have a house full of rambunctious kids who I need to be in top form: to dodge the Nerf darts, carry them to bed, wrestle, comb hair, and all the other things that kids need to thrive.

In the past several years, the right hip has trended towards the same discomfort. Even though I didn't realize it, folks were asking why I was limping. You see, the thing about a creeping ailment like osteoarthritis is you don't even realize how it's affecting your entire posture and physical state. So when I came to Dr. Mayman again late last year, he confirmed the need for the right hip procedure. After a detailed discussion of all the parameters, advances in the procedures and implements, based on my condition and age (57), I chose the right hip - full replacement.

Let me tell you, the service and experience this time around even surpassed the first time, and am being discharged in less that 24 hours after surgery.

I can't begin to tell you how great the staff is here. Everything from Comfort's smile in the waiting room, to the scrub and prep nurses, Sonny and Sam, to Shane the security guy, who cared for my belongings, Nicholette who applied my painless IV, Maria who discussed nutrition, Karen, Brian, who got me to the surgery room, Nigel the anesthesiologist, who carefully explained the procedure, Dr. David Mayman and his team who installed my new "Bionic Parts", Mike the night nurse, Jen the morning nurse, Michael the PA, Dr. Fusco who did morning rounds, Jacinta who answered all my calls for more coffee and juice... Whew! I am sure I forgot a few and that doesn't even count the ones who did the pre-op scheduling and worked with my crazy schedule and cancellations to finally get me in here.

This is a life changing place. And the change starts well before the surgery, when you are led through all the steps and assured you are doing the right thing in the right way. Hats off to this amazing team. I'm pretty sure everyone who comes here has some last minute fears or trepidations, but the experience and results prove that there's nothing to fear, and a new lifestyle to gain!