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Eric Scott

New York, NY
  • Eric Scott in the photo 1

Dr. Eytan Debbi is an incredible surgeon who gave me the best hip replacement surgery experience I could have asked for.

I'm 68 years old and in good shape, but my right hip had been giving me problems for almost a decade and one year ago my left hip started to become equally problematic. I went on a trip to Paris and my legs basically collapsed from under me. Even after years of consistently doing Pilates and physical therapy, it was clear it was time to do something surgical. X-rays showed that both hips needed replacement surgery.

I did a lot of research and had consultations with four world-class surgeons. I knew I'd be in excellent hands with any of them. However, Dr. Debbi is the only doctor I talked to who embraced robotics, which he has a PhD in in addition to his MD. His approach is truly the future.

Initially, I wanted both hips replaced at the same time. While some physicians said they would do this and others said they wouldn't, no one ever explained why. Dr. Debbi recommended against replacing both at once, and he went into the logic behind his thinking. Unlike the other doctors, I respected that he took the time to explain his approach in a clear and comprehensive way.

Before the operation, I had some anxiety over what my recovery would be like with the same day hospital discharge. However, from the surgery day on, I had very little bruising, negligible swelling, and only needed acetaminophen for pain management. I could walk around the apartment with just a cane literally the next day. I attribute this incredibly quick recovery to Dr. Debbi's thoughtful, effective, and precise approach, and to his use of robotics.

Yesterday, just six weeks after my second surgery, I ran down the hallway. I hadn't been able to do that without hobbling for years.

Above all else, Dr. Debbi is a really good person. He knows his stuff and he is an incredible communicator. His bedside manner makes you feel respected and cared for. I simply cannot recommend Dr. Debbi highly enough.