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Emmett Vedder

Highland, NY
  • Emmett Vedder in the photo 1

My testimonial is aimed at the older stubborn men who may have the chance to read it. I'm a hardworking man from a family of farmers. Hard work and common sense and determination is what the job teaches. Good qualities, but, as stated, being stubborn and that "I can handle anything" attitude including the pain from an arthritic right hip. I told myself I still have my left almost good hip to get me around. So I dragged myself around doing the work I had to with a cane or a stick, or anything available wherever I was when it would want to give out and make each step painful. Meanwhile my active recreational life was almost gone, also because of the extreme hip pain. I am and have always been an active hiker and love to ride my motorcycles since a kid. But now they had been taken away from me with the pain from my hips. My thoughts were I have to do something or my life as I knew it was gone. Now was time for that old farming ingenuity and common sense. I have to find someone who can perform anterior hip replacement. Anterior because of the less downtime. Common sense dictates, find a doctor that performs this type of surgery almost everyday if not several times a day. Why one might ask? Because the more you do something, the more proficient you become at performing whatever it is your doing. In doing so many, one might encounter complications and know exactly what to do should something arise. I live a considerable distance from HSS and Doctor Friedrich Boettner, but if you want the best facility with the latest technology and most important a facility with the utmost track record on infection prevention, then look no further than HSS. It's the best in the world. I poured through the list of surgeons on the HSS website. After reviewing Dr. Boettner's background and experience, there wasn't any doubt for me that he was the man for the job. There's always some accompanying reasons for ones decision, and there was one for me. Anyone familiar with German engineering knows the exactness of it - the tight tolerances in their engineering. I thought I am going to put all my chips on this guy. He is exact and to the point and you will find this reassuring. You will not find a more qualified surgeon for this type of hip replacement. So, all you stubborn old men that may be holding on to a life filled with pain in every step you take from your hips, listen up. Don't hold back and don't live in pain. That pain you felt in your steps is gone the minute you stand in the recovery room. He performed my right hip replacement in May and my left hip in September. I was riding my sled that winter and can hike, and ride my motorcycles again. I have the most respect and gratitude for this man. If there is anyone who can restore your lifestyle and give you your life back, this is the doctor. Don't sit on fence with making your decision about hip surgery. Don't live in pain and let your enjoyment wain. Go for it! Thank you HSS and all the staff, and special thanks to Doctor Friedrich Boettner!!