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Emily Holden

Nutley, NJ
  • Emily Holden in the photo 1
  • Emily Holden in the photo 2
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I had an avulsion fracture of my pelvis and the three tendons that attach your hamstring to your pelvis were torn off as well. It is a very rare injury and I went to several different doctors that did not have the knowledge or expertise that Dr. Kelly and Dr. Weiland have. They were the only doctors who would operate on me and did so very quickly. They did an amazing job. I knew that I was safe in their hands due to their confidence and training that was like no other. I stayed over night and the nurses were so nice and I was always checked on and my room and the food were awesome. I was in a tight time constraint to be back in time for my sophomore year of softball season after my operation on Halloween. I made it back in time due to the guidance of all the exercises and PT I received and success of the operation. I am so grateful that I went to HSS! The photos I have submitted of me rappeling and white water rafting were taken this summer in Costa Rica. It is so wonderful to be "Back in the Game".