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Emily Guerra

Babylon, NY
  • Emily Guerra in the photo 1
  • Emily Guerra in the photo 2

I came to HSS after I had hurt my shoulder when I fell in a basketball game. When I fell, a player on the other team fell on me and I felt a pop in my shoulder as if it dislocated but it went back in my socket right away. I actually kept playing, not thinking anything was wrong. It would pop out and in a few times a month, but I still didn't think anything was wrong.

A few months later, after finishing my basketball season, my shoulder wasn't getting any better and kept popping out and in, so I started some physical therapy. My shoulder kept getting worse...probably because I continued to play sports during that time. I wasn't able to do much with my shoulder, including play my best in sports, do push-ups, or do any type of heavy lifting. It would keep popping out and in whenever I was hit in my shoulder. I went to another doctor and got an MRI but it didn't show any tears in my labrum. It kept aching and would feel like it'd dislocate slightly at times even during a normal day. During my AAU basketball season, I wore a sully brace but my shoulder would still pop out and in.

I came to HSS and Dr. David M. Dines said I'd need surgery, so I got the surgery. He found a tear in my labrum and also tightened loose ligaments. After a month post-op, I started physical therapy at Dynamics. It was hard at first, but I kept up with the exercises and felt my shoulder starting to get stronger. After 3 months of physical therapy, I'm able to do push-ups again and I'm back to playing basketball. My shoulder feels great! I was EXTREMELY happy when I got cleared to play sports again. I've started to play basketball again and I don't even need to wear a brace. This recovery was tough for me because I've never gone through something like this. With all my hard work, I was able to be recovered in time for basketball.