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Emerson Verrier

Port Hope, ON, Canada

After being diagnosed with torn labrums in both hips, I was forced out of hockey for an entire season. I decided I wanted the best hospital and the best doctors in the world, so I approached Dr. Bryan Kelly at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Kelly walked me through the surgery, and connected me with Pete Draovitch. Mr. Draovitch went above and beyond the call of duty for an agonizing 9 months of rehab, and to this day was the most intelligent, experienced and hardworking physiotherapist I've ever met. The facilities at the HSS and the physiotherapy facilities were unbelievable, and all the staff made my experience enjoyable. Dr. Kelly and Pete helped me come back to hockey, and I was able to return to the sport I love and earn a spot at the collegiate level, currently at Colby College. It it wasn't for the amazing staff at HSS, my career would have likely been over.