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Elyse Bernstein

Astoria, NY
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I have always been an active/athletic person - most notably a softball catcher for over 20 years in addition to volleyball, basketball and soccer. I started taking barre method classes as a new way to get in shape. I quickly noticed that I couldn't do things that most other people in the class could do with ease. I asked the instructor about it who advised that I was building flexibility and to push through. So I continued to "push through" for two months until I couldn't get out of bed one morning.

My hip pain was so bad that I couldn't wear heels, sit comfortably, exercise or sleep. After months of living in pain, I scheduled an appointment with an HSS physiatrist. She sent me for an MRI and was able to tell me that I had hip impingement in both hips in addition to labral tears. I then sought the advice of Dr. Bryan Kelly, orthopedic surgeon and Director of the Center for Hip Preservation at HSS. After trying cortisone injections, it became clear that the best option was to surgically repair my hips. Dr. Kelly operated on my left and right side six weeks apart in the Fall of 2013. The whole team was great - including my anesthesiologists, Drs. Liguori and Garvin. I was progressing really well and had returned to work without pain or crutches by January of 2014.

Unfortunately, the winter of 2014 was a rough one in NYC and I slipped and fell down my icy stoop on my way to work in February. I started to feel pain in my left hip. Dr. Kelly recommended that I see Dr. Moley, a physiatrist specializing in hip pain. Dr. Moley recommended a PRP injection to help heal my left hip. I did the injection along with physical therapy. I'm happy to say that the Mike and Dr. Moley helped me recover and meet all my post-surgical goals! I will forever be grateful to HSS! I now go to spin class and the gym regularly and walk 7 miles per day on average. And yes - heels are once again part of my wardrobe.