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Ellie McGurty

Brooklyn, NY
  • Ellie McGurty in the photo 1

After surviving bone cancer as a child, I was left with a badly deformed ankle, where the tumor had attached and was removed, along with a large potion of my fibula and parts of my ankle joint. Thirty years after my surgery, I began to develop severe arthritis and the pain got so bad that it would wake me up at night. Six other orthopedic surgeons told me they wouldn't touch my ankle. They told me I would be in a wheelchair before I was 50. They offered me a brace, one offered me pain medication, and others just wished me luck. Dr. Cody was the first doctor to give me hope. She not only agreed to perform the surgery but was optimistic about the outcome. Dr. Cody rebuilt and realigned my ankle in October 2021, and in these past 7 months, I am walking faster and with confidence. I have gone dancing 3 times. I am climbing stairs and leaving the car at home to go shopping. The pain that dictated my life for years is gone and my life is mine again. Thank you Dr. Cody!