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Ellen Spencer

Denville, NJ
  • Ellen Spencer in the photo 1
  • Ellen Spencer in the photo 2

I first chose Dr. Carli from his physician profile and also from a recommendation by my physical therapist. After a meniscus surgery 15 years earlier and years of wear and tear, I developed severe arthritis in my left knee. As a physically active person, I went for various therapies but eventually my leg became bowed and I could barely walk without pain. I had to do something. During my first visit to Dr. Carli, he explained clearly the procedure and pros and cons of a knee replacement. He never pressured me to have the surgery, but I decided it was the best thing for me to go ahead with it. So in Oct. 2021, Dr. Carli replaced my left knee and straightened my leg. I stayed overnight for two nights, during which my experience with the hospital and staff was excellent.

After being at home for two weeks, I went to physical therapy three times a week for six months, and worked hard to get my agility and strength back. I am now active with no knee pain and a straight leg. I tell people I feel ten years younger. Thank you Dr. Carli and HSS for giving me my life back.