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Ellen Holly

White Plains, NY
  • Ellen Holly in the photo 1


Because I so dreaded the prospect of hip surgery I let a decade of pain go by before it became so unendurable I was forced to do something about it.

On August 26 of 2014, it was my great good fortune to be operated on by Allan E. Inglis, Jr. at Hospital for Special Surgery.

What I learned was that, in the hands of a brilliant surgeon, the state of the art is such that the end result can be experienced as nothing less than miraculous.

Six months is the expected time for the healing to be complete. Although I'm in my eighties, I got back the leg that I had grown up with in four. Remarkably, it went on to improve 110% and I now have a leg I've just met that can do a few things it never did before including a beautiful ballet turnout.


Ellen Holly