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Ella Sharrock

Selden, NY
  • Ella Sharrock in the photo 1

I was born with patella alta and not diagnosed until I was nine years old. Before I met Dr. Green, I experienced 8 knee dislocations and one other knee surgery. From the second we got to the doors of the hospital for the first time, we were greeted by smiling faces. The nurses at HSS are the sweetest people you will meet. They always make sure you are comfortable and calm. Before my surgery I was seen by a physical therapist to get crutches for my height and so I knew how to use them, especially when going up and down stairs. When I got to the OR, the anesthesiologist talked to me and made sure I was calm and kept my mind off of things. When you wake up in the recovery room, a nurse is right by your side making sure your pain level is good. As soon as I woke up my parents were brought back and they made sure my parents were comfortable and had a place to sit. When I was brought back to my room I was extremely well taken care of. Nurses would check up on me many times throughout my stay to always make sure my pain was okay and I was as comfortable as they could make me. Before I left they made sure I was able to go up and down the stairs with no problem. Without HSS and Dr. Green I wouldn’t be where I am today. He gave me my hope and confidence back and I'm pain-free. Dr. Green truly gave me another chance to be the athlete I was always meant to be. I am able to get my life back and do what I always wanted to do.