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Elizabeth Sierra

Queens Village, NY
  • Elizabeth Sierra in the photo 1
  • Elizabeth Sierra in the photo 2

I had cancer (leukemia) when I was a teenager, and although chemotherapy and radiation cured me, one of the meds I took for 2 years (prednisone) caused necrosis and deterioration to both of my hips as a side effect. By age 24, I've had bilateral total hip replacements. I had my left side done when I was only 20 years old and was told it would last approximately 10-15 years. It actually lasted a lot longer than expected and 20 years later... fast forward to 40 years old, it started to show wear and tear. I didn't feel pain, but X-rays showed loosening of the ball against the socket cup and the ball was off-centered, which meant a dislocation was just waiting to happen. Dr. Westrich recommended a hip revision surgery as well as a pelvic bone graft since my pelvis on the left side had deteriorated as well. Apparently, the plastic material of the socket was wearing away inside me and eating away on my pelvic bone. I was a little hesitant at first in scheduling my surgery due to the "no pain" I was feeling, and also because it meant missing work for several months. But I'm glad I did it! Now I'm on the road to recovery and less than 3 months later since my surgery, I'm walking around with a just a cane for balance and I am able to do my leg lifts, bench leg press (at 75 lbs. currently), and 15-20 minute exercise bike routines during my PT sessions with no issues. I feel no pain and I'm confident that I'll be able to go back to work and normal activities by next month. The entire HSS staff from the clerks to the Nurse's Aides, Nurses, Doctors, etc. are wonderful! Best experience at a hospital to date! Thank you!!!