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Elizabeth Side

Ridgefield, CT
  • Elizabeth Side in the photo 1

I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 7th grade and wore Milwaukee brace for a year to maintain 2 curves of 17 and 21 degrees. It was at this age that I discovered my love of running. Twenty five years later, after giving birth to four children and running continuously, I started to lose feeling in my lower right leg and also suffer from debilitating sciatica. It was then discovered that my spinal curve was worsening drastically. I was now at 58 and 65 degrees with the threat of my organs being crushed. In 2010 I had neck to tailbone fusion, correcting curves to 10 and 13. Three years later I heard what sounded like a gun shot and learned that two rods in lower back had snapped in half. During the second surgery rods were removed. This recovery was very difficult and more pain ensued, along with my upper body starting to tilt and twist. In 2017 I went to see Dr. Kim. He found that previous surgeries were not done correctly. He went in and removed and replaced hardware in majority of my spine. He straightened me out, he gave me back a natural curve, and I was pain free! A year later I completed a half marathon, I ride my bike everywhere and I feel younger and more energetic. I cannot thank Dr. Kim enough for giving life back!