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Elizabeth McQuillan

Scarsdale, NY
  • Elizabeth McQuillan in the photo 1

TREATMENT FOR HEEL PAIN: On and off for several years, I experienced pain in my heel. At times it was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis and other times it was diagnosed as tendonitis. Last Fall, the pain was so excruciating I could barely walk and was using a cane. I was referred to Dr. Rock Positano at HSS, who conducted a through evaluation and examination. Dr. Positano diagnosed my heel pain and began non-surgical treatment twice weekly with EPAT and ultrasound and at home care instructions. Immediately my foot improved and today, after several months, I walk pain-free. After months of immobility and pain, I can now exercise, walk daily, and do several flights of stairs a day. Dr. Positano has provided extraordinary care and given me back my mobility. His staff are highly attentive and responsive, lovely people.