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Elizabeth Gramer

Bedminster, NJ

I have had TEN reconstructive surgeries to my right knee, one complicated by a terrible pseudomonas infection that required surgery with a muscle flap graft from my calf and prolonged antibiotic therapy. I was critically ill at the time and nearly lost my leg. After that, arthritis progressed in my right knee to where I could barely walk without the assistance of a cane and a brace.

I used to love riding my bicycle and could no longer do this either. Dr. Steven Haas took on my case and with the assistance of Dr. Mark Schwartz (NY Hospital, plastics and reconstructive surgery) and Dr. Robert Rosenberg (I.D., NY Hospital), replaced my knee under difficult circumstances. Dr. Schwartz had to open and close the incision and special antibiotics were necessary. Dr. Haas gave me a new life!! I cannot stress what a life changer this was!

Now, just over one year later, I am cycling roughly 40 miles a week and can walk normally. It is a miracle and I would never let another hospital near my joints. I have had seven joint surgeries there and owe you my life. When I see your commercials, I think that I would be perfect to pass your message along! I am a 'frequent flyer' and a poster lady for you!