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Elayne Fried

Teaneck, NJ

I have had RA for more than twenty years mostly affecting my hands and knees. In 2005 it started to attack and destroy my right Achillis tendon making walking very uncomfortable. I did see a local doctor who put me in a boot for 12 weeks. That did no good at all. I saw Dr. Ellis in 2005 and was told that I needed immediate surgery to repair the tendon. My surgery took place the end of February 2005 during one of the worse blizzards New York had seen in decades. We made it in from New Jersey thanks to my 4 wheel drive Jeep, but I was so afraid that Dr. Ellis and my anesthesiologist might not make it in. I should not have worried. My surgical team was in place and my surgery went well. My recuperation, though long, was virtually pain free. Two years later my husband and I climbed to the top of Diamond Head on Oahu and last year completed a difficult trek at Ricketts Glen State Park. None of this would have been possible without the dedicated staff, especially Dr. Scott Ellis of HSS. Thank you to all.

Elayne Fried