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Elanit Laker

Spring Valley, NY
  • Elanit Laker in the photo 1

Dr. Waldman is a “one of a kind person,” which makes him a “one of a kind doctor.” The biggest thing Dr. Waldman did for me was listen, understand, and validate my fear and pain. When my confidence wavered, Dr. Waldman was always there to remind me that “this will pass,” a message I call upon daily to keep me going. He made difficult circumstances easy and his calm persona never wavered. I could not have asked for a more supportive individual to be part of my Rehab team.

Before and after every procedure, Dr. Waldman made sure to discuss the methods and prepare me for any outcome. Despite my age or intellect, Dr. Waldman respected my opinions and ensured that my specific needs were carefully implemented by my care team. His devotion went as far as picking up the phone mid-appointments to ensure a continuous line of communication between all of my physicians and physical therapists.

Always looking for an opportunity to educate, Dr. Waldman frequently recommended a variety of books to help me better understand myself, my circumstances, and the role they play in easing my pain. He is a master at “treating the person and not the illness.” Just by taking me off the “conveyor belt” of treatment methods and stopping to think what was best for me, Dr. Waldman did the greatest thing.

Not only does he treat his patients well, Dr. Waldman goes out of his way to be respectful to his coworkers. As a patient, I had the privilege of watching Dr. Waldman interact with his staff. Saying ‘thank you’ for every aspect of their help, Dr. Waldman is the quintessential example of a real, true doctor. His nurses are happy, his secretaries are happy and his patients are happy; all a complete reflection of Dr. Waldman himself.

I feel SO lucky to have met Dr. Waldman and I am eternally grateful for his undying support. It has been a long journey that required much intervention, extreme patients and constant resilience. I have waited a long time and have pushed through many barriers to regain my strength and rebuild my life. With Dr. Waldman’s assurance and commitment to never giving up, I finally got my HSS “Back in the Game" t-shirt. Now, I continue on my journey, and I am grateful for the opportunity to express it to the world.