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Eileen Olivieri

New City, NY

After being misdiagnosed by several medical professionals over 2 years, I was losing hope about ever being able to walk without pain again. At 47, I had 3 young children, a busy full-time job and an active life. I'm beyond blessed to have found Dr. Alexiades at HSS, who figured it all out for me. My friends and family were shocked to hear that bilateral hip replacement surgery was the only answer to fix my congenital hip dysplasia, arthritis and torn labrums. I wanted the pain to end so I was up for the two at once deal, without thinking too far ahead about recovery. My hospital stay was a pleasure, with the kindest nurses and PTs caring for me. I was also very lucky to have a wonderful roommate! Recovery wasn't easy, but here I am 8 months later, walking without a limp and pursuing a second career as a yoga instructor for children/teens! Thank you, Dr. Alexiades and HSS!