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Edythe (Edie) S. Verbesky

Mt. Arlington, NJ

Dr. Frank Cammisa - thanks for giving me back my life of activity that I always knew and loved. After 20+ years or more of living, with what I thought was everyday ‘stuff’ was actually pain from my back and actually was fixable! I was on target for a wheelchair; my right leg was numb most of the time, I really could not sit in one comfortable position for any length of time, much less sleep, and I could only walk short distances with a cane; this was not me or what I signed up for in this life. Now, thanks to a correct diagnosis and surgery, I am happily pain free. I realized that almost immediately after surgery. Especially, the very next day, when the nurse asked me if I was ready for a walk and a short climb up some stairs? Imagine the next day I said REALLY? Let’s go and I was ready, I walked across the hall and up this short flight of stairs, no cane, (but HSS makes you hold on, so I took the nurses hand NO CANE)……………….that is a wow. I only look forward now, to my morning walks around the lake where I live, and most of all with quality time my nine year old granddaughter to go wherever she wants to go. When I first met you and your wonderful team, you reviewed all my years of, MRI’s, injections a Laminectomy from another doctor that I knew at the time would only be a short term solution. Not a great answer because every doctor I had gone to gave me such doom and gloom about a fusion, post care and not an encouraging word of cure or even hope. However, your explanation as to all that I had going wrong in my back and what I remember most is the confidence by which you did indeed explained that I did have Degenerative Disc disease, Scoliosis, Spinal Stenosis, Herniated Disc L3, L4 and L5. When I questioned you as to if you had an answer of help; so confidently and with such assurance you had indicated, ‘Yes I can and here is the solution’. You continued to explain that I would have a XLIF, with synthetic cages to act as the disc replacement, titanium screws and the best was you would use only a small incision in my side! That was so unbelievable to hear, a large part as to why I continued on my search for your skills was that I refused to have my back opened 12” to 14”, for me that was not an option. Only one that has endured all the years of pain and wrong answers could understand what it means to have hoped of and the possibility of relief. The best was while I was still in recovery, you greeted me with a smile and indicated that all went well and you were able to straighten my back, imagine I regained about 1 ½”!! It is a big deal for me, at 67 years of age, to be pain free and able to regain my whole life as it had been filled with many exciting daily activities. Through the years, I figure skated, skied, played tennis and we enjoy boating. And now, I will always be able to help wherever I am needed because I can, go back to work and travel, do all the activities I want. I thank you from my heart…