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Edward Tretter

Brooklyn, NY
  • Edward Tretter in the photo 1

I went to see Dr. Hansen because I was having issues with my left knee due to an injury and ACL years ago. The knee was limiting my active lifestyle and something had to be done. Dr. Hansen initially had me go to PT as I am on the young side for getting a total knee replacement. When that did not work we began to discuss surgery. Dr. Hansen took the time to explain the surgery and what I could expect starting with pre-op out to the end of the first year of recovery. I had many questions - probably more than any doctor would want to answer - down to what materials were being used in the replacement as well as effects on mobility. We walked through - pun intended - all the steps of the actual surgery. His answers made me feel comfortable with him performing the surgery.

The conversations both pre- and post-op proved I went with the right doctor. My follow-up visits where also informative as we discussed expectations, goals and possible limitations. I followed his instructions as well as going to PT religiously. I also did a lot of exercises at home on my own, careful not to overdo it. Seven months out I am at 137 degrees and getting back to my active life. I highly recommend Dr. Hansen.