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Edward Kleinert

New York, NY
  • Edward Kleinert in the photo 1

A non‐surgical approach for the treatment of foot disorders…what a masterful and elegant solution…to a challenge that humankind has faced forever… exercising the gifts of movement and grace… without pain or discomfort.

To walk, to run, to dance, to exercise, to sway or swagger, to make a fashion statement or simply be ourselves, are gifts for which we cannot put a price on. But gifts that we often take for granted, until a crisis arises… And if one does that affects your ability or mine, to live a normal life…then we need to get reformed… And Dr. Positano is the perfect solution.

I am not an athlete, or an artist, I do not walk on stage for a living, or ‘run’ for office, I am not a captain of industry, or a corporate attorney… but I do share this in common with all, the need to walk pain‐free and live a natural life.

I first met Dr. Positano, when I presented with a ‘pain in the neck,’ which was really a pain in the ankle that radiated discomfort through my back, and had at its root a damaged tendon. He sat me in the chair, and proceeded to massage my foot… In so doing, it became very clear to him exactly what ailed me and why. His amazing ability to translate the subtleties of anatomy and physiology into an understanding of what to do (the solution) was nothing short of miraculous.

I spend hours on my feet in front of graduate students, engaging them in discourse and dialogue. There is no substitute to the energy of ambulation and communication. I can be on my feet for eight hours at a time and feel as comfortable at the end of the day as I did at the beginning… Not

a small feat… Thank you ‘Rock’ for helping to make this so. His skill, his knowledge, his experience, his understanding, and his ability to translate theory into practice is nothing short of profound.

The foot orthotics, designed and prescribed by Dr. Positano, have has an amazing impact on my foot, ankle, knee, and back. And of course, no ‘pain in the neck.’ Taking a non‐surgical approach to resolve these problems has had an immeasurable impact on quality of life. They are truly the proof‐of‐concept of what can be achieved through a thoughtful and well‐designed therapeutic intervention. It’s not about the scalpel...

Dr. Positano is a brilliant practitioner of the medical arts. He combines a level of care and concern for each and every patient who walks through the door, with an intellectual prowess, and an unceasing commitment to improve their lives. The standard of excellence that he brings into his practice is simply second to none. I know of no other professional who can offer the profound brilliance of his/her profession, and do so with an ever‐present human touch. He brings a truly unique combination of intellect, skill, experience, personality, and persona to his work!

… If you get the sense that I am a ‘fan’ then you are reading not between the lines, but the words that I have written. I owe a great deal to Dr. Positano, for the brilliance of his care and concern, and in this small way, I express my appreciation and share the good news, that yes, there is a solution.

Edward Kleinert

Adjunct Associate Professor, New York University