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Edward Husted

Fishkill, NY

(Dad's thoughts summarized by daughter Sharon)

At 85 years old, Ed is strong. He still exercises with weights, plays golf, walks and swims. And all these activities continued for years, even with a bad back. But as he stated during the first visit with Dr. Han Jo Kim at HSS, "I don't expect miracles at my age, but the pain is impacting my activity and quality of life. While I still can, I want to move and do the things I normally do including walking, without pain. Pain can bring you down." Dr. Kim responded that he can help.

As dad stated, HSS was the hospital of choice because of their reputation, especially with athletes. The hospital was also recommended by friends and family members, and doctors.

I witnessed a very cool exchange during dad's first visit with Dr. Kim. The fact that dad is a professional piano player caught the attention of Dr. Kim. They began to discuss classical music, violins, jazz and dad's lifelong dedication to music. As an observer, this was very special!

On the day of surgery, dad brought his CD "An Evening of Rhapsody" to give to Dr. Kim. Gershwin is a passion of his, and this CD is captures his trio playing Rhapsody in Blue and Preludes. He gave it to Dr. Kim who said he would play the CD during the procedure. Very cool indeed.

One week after surgery, when I asked dad his thoughts on Dr. Kim, he paused a bit and stated very simply - - - "Dr. Kim is Top Shelf". Man of few words, but he stated the obvious.