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Edward Cohen

Melville, NY
  • Edward Cohen in the photo 1

This was my second hip replacement. Two years ago my wife researched the doctors at HSS and liked Doctor Vigdorchik’s resume.

I met with the doctor, liked his professional approach, and felt very comfortable. He joked around with me before my first surgery, and basically said he would see me in the near future for my second hip replacement.

He was correct in that assumption and two years to the day my left hip replacement took place.

My second recovery is even better than the first time. I was back on the road selling within 10 days and driving after 14 days.

What I appreciated the most was he honored my request to have an early procedure so I could leave the hospital on the same day. That was very important to me and he made it happen.

His coordinator, Lisa Pugliese, was also a wonderful contact. She was very reassuring and really went out of her way to make that one day stay possible.

I can’t thank Dr. Vigdorchik enough for helping me regain my lifestyle so quickly. Now if he can only improve my golf game!