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Dvora Callahan

West Palm Beach, FL

I was rescued after a bicycle fall in July 2013 by Dr. David Helfet & HSS. I spent a week in traction with a shattered pelvis in a small town in the Czech Republic while the medi-vac arrangements were made to bring me to Manhattan. I was told that Dr. Helfet was one of only a few surgeons in the world who would even attempt to put me back together. When I saw him after the surgery and asked him how many pieces he had managed to reassemble, he told me "too many to count".

After 3 subsequent surgeries and two years of rehab, I am now feeling like myself again. I have traded in my walker for high heels and my physical therapist for a personal trainer. Two weeks ago, I challenged myself to do something extraordinary and hiked the Quarry Trail in Peru before ending up at Machu Picchu.

I have come from not knowing if I would ever walk again to being able to do almost everything I had been capable of before my accident. I thank Dr. Helfet and his team for their care and encouragement as I made my way back from one of the lowest points in my life to (literally) one of the highest.