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Dritan Paljevic

Staten Island, NY
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It was on my third day of soccer camp playing in a scrimmage game when I collided with another player and I landed on my right upper arm. I immediately felt so much pain in my right arm. My coach called my mom who took me to the nearest urgent care center. The x-rays showed that I had two fractures to my right upper arm near the shoulder bone. The doctor wasn't sure if I would need surgery. I was very scared. The doctor told my mom to go to a local pediatric orthopedic surgeon for follow up immediately. My mom decided to take me to HSS to get the best care for me. I was really nervous the first day we went to HSS. But Dr. Fabricant was awesome and he was easy to talk to. Dr. Fabricant asked me about my soccer team and the position I played. He then told me and my family that I would need to keep my arm in a special brace which was fitted for my arm and a sling. He said that I would need to follow up to make sure my arm was getting better. Each time I went for follow ups Dr. Fabricant would have me move my arm a certain ways to see if it was improving and do the specific exercises at home everyday. In the beginning it was really hard to move because of the pain. My mom helped me do everything. Each time we went the x-rays would show the fractures were getting better. It took about 4 months then the last month I had to do physical therapy. Then Dr. Fabricant said I was able to go back to sports. I was so excited to get back to normal. Now I am back to soccer and my everyday activities. Thank you Dr. Fabricant.