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Dr. Joseph Salamone

Fairfield, NJ
  • Dr. Joseph Salamone in the photo 1

This facility is truly amazing! I felt like I was in Disney. The courtesy, respect, and care was remarkable. From the moment I met Dr. Alexiades and team, and then went for PAT, I knew I had chosen the right place for anterior hip arthroplasty. I had suffered for over 4 years waiting for the right time. <span style="line-height: 1.6471;">Everyone at HSS was just NICE, and helpful. Like a breath of fresh air.</span>

Being a chiropractor, also in the health care field, I had the unique opportunity to view this experience from a physicians perspective, and as a patient. The surgical expertise, nursing care, anesthesia, and recovery was outstanding. Everything worked out better than expected. Total hip surgery on day 1 and standing, then walking and doing steps on day 2. Then released home. I couldn't believe it! Just as Dr Alexiades had said. He is a man of his word. Now, I am 12 days post op and walking 1/2 mile and climbing 45 stairs without much pain. I also brought the garbage out with just a cane, and got the mail from my never ending driveway. My neighbors were going wild! No one can believe my progress. By week 3, I will go back to work. Every day is a miracle. It keeps getting better. Doing daily home rehab with no narcotics and only NSAIDS, improvement continues. I have my family and life back. My wife and kids can't believe my progress and personality change. I'm not in that 9-10 pain anymore! It's gone. Progress and recovery will continue as anticipated. Thank you Dr Alexiades and staff, HSS staff, and X-ray department. This a true blessing and now everyone can be proud to continue in their healing journey. Thank you!