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Dr. Gerald C. Benjamin

Saratoga Springs, NY

I was involved in a car accident as a pedestrian as I was entering my senior year of Dental School in 1976. My lower right leg was almost completely severed above the knee and was reattached. When I reached 60, my knee caused incredible pain and when the pain became intolerable, I asked my physical therapist in Saratoga Springs,NY who THE BEST knee replacement surgeon was, he immediately said, "Thomas Sculco at Hospital for Special Surgery." Dr. Sculco took a significant amount of time examining my disfigured right leg and finally concluded that I needed a total knee replacement and that he thought that he had the skills to treat me. Dr. Sculco replaced my knee on December 7, 2013 and I returned to work 26 days later and never had a day of physical therapy other than the in home exercises prescribe one week after surgery.

When I learned that I needed surgery to repair my torn rotator cuff in order to continue to practice dentistry at a very high level, I asked my physical therapist in Saratoga Springs who was the BEST surgeon to repair my shoulder. Without missing a beat he responded, "Dr. David Altchek at the Hospital For Special Surgery." The next day I called Dr. Altchek's office to start the process of scheduling the consult and surgery. Susan and I reported to the intake unit two hours prior to surgery to take all of our essential information. I was placed in a room, undressed and waited for my scheduled surgery to take place. At least eight people came into my room to ask my name and what procedure I was having performed so that there was no possibility that a mistake could occur and when Dr. Altchek met me he marked my right shoulder in pen so that everyone understood what procedure was to take place. Two anesthesiologists came into my room to review my procedure so that they could assure me that I would be comfortable throughout my surgery. Following surgery, a nurse gave me something to drink and a sandwich because I had nothing to eat for more than 12 hours. My wife then joined me to discuss the procedure with Dr. Altchek's assistant and I was placed in a wheelchair and taken to my room in the Hospital's Guest House. The entire experience was exceptional and I was able to return to work just 25 days after surgery with no pain or discomfort during my 10 hour day. I would return to the Hospital For Special Surgery for any orthopedic procedure without hesitation.