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Douglas Mershimer

Hyde Park, NY
  • Douglas Mershimer in the photo 1

With 30+ years of joint issues from Lyme and several years of putting off spinal surgery, I finally found the Dr. and Hospital I had the confidence in to do the right surgery with the right hardware even during COVID in NYC.

From our first Zoom meeting Dr. Qureshi displayed interest, insight, and understanding of all the issues with my back and spinal cord. He was able to explain all the problematic symptoms and treatment options. His personal outreach and even phone calls on weekends helped to steer me and keep me on track to make the best decision for my complicated issues.

He spent the time to teach me and answer all my questions, going far beyond other surgeons I had talked with. Recent MRI's found my degenerative disk disease had increased to some 13 total issues in my back with many herniated disks and one had self-fused already. He picked the right two cervical disks that had impinged my spinal cord / neck down to 8mm. He opened up that area for my spinal cord and now all areas of my body have improved to normal functioning. Sometimes LESS is better!

While working through plans for surgery, Dr. Qureshi and his team also had to work diligently with my insurance company, and my lack of coverage for many services. They made it a priority to keep up with the data flow of information required to ensure I got all the coverage that was possible. Making me confident enough to self pay for this surgery. My surgery was considered in emergency status by the time we were finally scheduled in May 2020.

Awaking from surgery and seeing Dr. Qureshi's smiling face ...with all my pain gone - I was able to tell him that he earned an A+ in my book. Working through recovery...even with only online and phone call interactions with Dr. Qureshi and his team, we worked through some post surgical bumps with the prescribed PT activity from Justin Feldman.

I am now at the point where I feel I am at a normal level of activity again. All the back, leg and arm pain I felt for years has disappeared and I was able to return to Fly Fishing once again. That is the measure of a real successful surgery. Dr. Qureshi's A+ stands, and anyone who is thinking of surgery with Dr. Qureshi at HSS will not be disappointed.