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Doug Poat

Stony Brook, NY

I was referred to HSS and Dr. Demetracopoulos by a surgeon who had performed my fusion two years previous because unfortunately my ankle had only fused about 30%. I met with Dr. Demetracopoulos who looked at my X-rays and felt I was a good candidate for a TAR (total ankle replacement). He explained exactly what would happen, recovery time, pain management, PT. He answered all my questions so I decided this is what I had to do. I had a CAT scan that same day, and a few weeks later had the surgery.

The hospital is run like no other I have ever experienced. Everyone who works there is good at their job and runs very smooth. The nurses were very attentive during my short stay of two days and each one was friendly and knowledgeable! All of my post-operative check ups were on time and the wait was extremely short. I just had my five month post operative check up yesterday, and Dr. D was pleased with my recovery and I do not have to return until my 1 year anniversary 4/17.

My pain is so minimal compared to what I had been experiencing after the fusion. In fact, this picture of me is on the beach in Hither Hills, Long Island (NY) at seven weeks post op and it felt great! If you are on the fence as to which hospital you should choose, I believe you can't go wrong with HSS! And Thank you Dr. D for getting me back in the game!