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Dorothea Ryan

Whitestone, NY
  • Dorothea Ryan in the photo 1

Dr. Jonathan Goldstein unequivocally saved my life. I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis three years ago and went to a neurologist who was supposedly a specialist in MG. In the first few months after my diagnosis, I was doing well, but within months I began deteriorating due to my original doctor's lack of knowledge of how to care for this rare disease.

I resigned myself to the fact that being weak and sick was my new normal. As my symptoms worsened the doctor explained that this was "just the disease" and I had to "live with it".

My family intervened and contacted the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation asking for guidance and they recommended we contact Dr. Goldstein and make an appointment. I walked in to Dr. Goldstein's office on Friday, February 12th with hope that he could give me some guidance and maybe a new course of treatment.

After his evaluation I was rushed to the emergency room in very bad shape. My "new normal" was not normal at all - my body was failing and for the next thirteen days I was in the Intensive Care Unit at NY Presbyterian/Weill Cornell.

Dr. Goldstein was with me and my family every single day with visits, calls and texts. I got worse before I got better, but everything Dr. Goldstein said would happen did and his guidance and inclusion assured me and my family that it was going to be ok.

I have never experienced this level of care before. My family and I are forever indebted to Dr. Goldstein and his dedication and passion to his patients. I finally have hope. I am feeling stronger than I have in years and my new normal is now a productive life and because of Dr. Goldstein I will be celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary with my entire family next month.