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Dore Normile

New York, NY
  • Dore Normile in the photo 1
  • Dore Normile in the photo 2

I was always an active New Yorker but I was now in serious pain with a bulged back disc pinching a nerve. I had to walk with a cane and was beginning to limp. As a writer I found even sitting was beyond uncomfortable. All I could do was walk the dog and come home and collapse.

At the HSS waiting room to see Dr. Huang I overheard two women gush like school girls about him. I thought surely they must be exaggerating. They weren't.

I saw Dr. Huang on a Thursday and he scheduled me for surgery on Monday. He understood my back issue clearly and showed me on my MRI how a laminectomy would provide me relief from my excruciating pain. And even more impressive than his medical advice was his compassion for my pain and getting me into surgery as quick as possible.

Immediately after surgery my back pain was completely gone. I walked out of HSS without a cane or limp. I was 100% cured of the back pain that left me unable to do pretty much anything.

Now three months after the operation I am back writing my book and fully in the game with tennis and golf. People can't believe I even had a back problem.

And now I'm like those other patients in the waiting room. Dr. Huang is the very best.