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Domingo Perez

New York, NY
  • Domingo Perez in the photo 1

I couldn’t bring my left leg up to my knee in order to place a sock on, and at night the pain was so unbearable that I would toss and turn trying to find a position to sleep until I just knocked myself out of exhaustion. When I realized I would need a total hip replacement, I knew I needed to have it done at HSS. So much so that I changed my healthcare insurance plan a year in advance in preparation for the operation at this hospital.

We met Dr. Debbi, and within the first 30 seconds he made me feel confident and comfortable that he would restore my mobility. As promised, that's exactly what he did. It’s now been 8 weeks since my surgery and short of deadlifts and weighted squats, I am back to normal. He and his team at HSS are like checking into a five star hotel, from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave you are taken care of like you were the most important person on earth.

His post-op team left nothing to be uncertain about. From the exact dose of any medicine to the full six week physical therapy instructions on how to live your life while you’re recovering, everything was explained and easy to follow.

I met with Dr. Debbi six weeks after my surgery and everything is moving ahead phenomenally well. I look forward to seeing him for my one year post-op meeting, and I can say without any hesitation that I would recommend Dr. Debbi and his team for anyone considering this type of surgery.

Together, we rocked this joint!