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Domenico Evangelista

Stamford, CT
  • Domenico Evangelista in the photo 1

I played soccer since I was 5 and began running in my teens. I competed in both sports and even finished the New York City Marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes. My knees gave up at 65. I tried gel shots and rehab, but the only solution was surgery. Dr. Figgie, who came highly recommended, performed a miracle - bilateral knee replacement (both at the same time)!

After 6 days at Burke Rehabilitation (3 hours of intense sessions a day) and months of rehab, both at HSS Stamford and through HSS Virtual Care, the pain went away and I got new knees! The best thing I ever did! No more pain or discomfort.

I got a Peleton that keeps me in shape. I miss running and soccer (I sneak in a game here and there), but I walk 18 holes of golf without any problem. I'm extremely happy with my new knees.

Thank you very much Dr. Figgie for giving me my life back!