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Dolly Casiano

South Palm Beach, FL
  • Dolly Casiano in the photo 1

I first met Dr. Wang 2.5 yrs ago when he was working at another facility. I was barely able to walk from the pain in my hip. Dr. Wang did the necessary x-rays and determined I needed a left hip replacement. There was some concern that the surgery and/or recuperation may not go well as I am overweight but I insisted we proceed and that I would lose some weight prior and after.

I cannot say enough about how fantastic Dr. Wang is. Not only is he caring and sits with you to fully discuss your options and the procedure at length but the surgery was more of a success than we thought. Although I was given a walker to use at home, I literally was able to walk out the next day without the aid of a walker or cane! The next day when the physical therapist came for therapy, I opened the door and he said he was here to give the patient physical therapy. When I told him I was the patient, he was surprised to find me up and opening the door without assistance. By this time I had totally put away the walker I never used and purchased a cane just in case. My daughter would laugh at me because I'd get up to walk and forget to use it and just carry it under my arm. As a matter of fact, I traveled from FL to PR 5 days after surgery for a family emergency, after consulting Dr. Wang and telling him I had to go with or without his permission.

To date, it's been almost 3 years. I'm still overweight (but working on that) and I've had absolutely no pain or problem that I frequently forget I even had a full hip replacement.

Now I'm back, having followed Dr. Wang to HSS Florida, to get a total knee replacement with full confidence that Dr. Wang's got this!