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Dmitry Freitor

Princeton, NJ
  • Dmitry Freitor in the photo 1
  • Dmitry Freitor in the photo 2

I am an active climber (rock, ice, alpine - you name it). On a trip to California's High Sierra mountains in July of 2014 I severely injured my right shoulder. I saw a physician, who misdiagnosed the injury and the prescribed treatment did not bring the desired results. Then I was referred by a friend to Dr. Frank Cordasco at the HSS. It was night and day. Dr. Cordasco did all the necessary scans and tests to correctly diagnose the injury, which was a torn rotator calf and a torn pec major. He then described to me very extensively the surgical procedures that would be required to put the tendons back in place and the recovery and rehabilitation process following the surgeries. The surgeries were performed in December '14 and February '15, followed by a 5 months PT treatment. Dr. Cordasco and his staff monitored my progress during this time and made adjustments to the PT routine when needed. Now, almost a year after the first surgery, I am fully back on my feet (or my arms, to be more precise), feeling as good and strong as before the injury. Dr. Cordasco's mastery of his craft allowed me to return to my favorite activity. This summer and fall I was able to climb in Oregon Cascades, Wyoming's Wind River range, Devil's Tower and French Alps. I am currently planning a trip to Patagonia, which will take place around the anniversary of my pec major surgery. The attached pictures show my arm and shoulder following the injury; the other picture is from a recent trip to French Alps. Big thanks to Dr. Cordasco, his team and HSS!