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Dina Tranen

New York, NY
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After one year of alternative therapies, including cortisone shots, nerve ablations, physical therapy, etc. to relieve referred pain that I had in my left leg, I was referred to Dr. Schwab. My pain management doctor's "bag of tricks" was in fact empty and I was advised to go forward with surgery. My husband and I interviewed 2 surgeons before we got to Dr. Schwab. At that point, I was scared and not feeling too encouraged. Meeting Dr. Schwab was like seeing a light at the end of a very dark tunnel! His calm and logical analysis totally allayed my fears and made me hopeful that I would actually be free of pain. He explained that he needed to do a fusion, opening my discs and relieving the pressure on the nerve which was clearly crushed. He also explained very clearly what I could and could not do post surgery in order to ensure its success. My surgery was a complete success- I woke up without pain and was walking 4 miles 6 days after my surgery. Not only is Dr. Schwab an incredibly gifted surgeon, he inspires complete confidence. His staff is always available via e mail or phone and the hospital experience was fabulous. I hope I will not need any other "alterations" in the future but if I do, I know who will take care of me!