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Dina Ramadane

Wayne, PA
  • Dina Ramadane in the photo 1

I was recruited to run track and field at the Division I level at the University of Pennsylvania. I spent two years battling an injury that should be fairly easy to treat, patellar tendinitis, but rather left me with scar tissue, chronic inflammation and chronic pain. The many doctors I saw before coming to HSS told me I only had the following options: surgery, living with the pain, or accepting that I stop running and participating in impact sports. In the process of battling this injury, I had to give up my dream of competing at the collegiate level and lost a part of my identity. Being a runner had always defined me, given me confidence to take on life's challenges, and given me an outlet for stress. When I ran I released endorphins and could always count on my daily run to make me a happier and better person at the end of it. Thanks to my sister who had just moved to NYC when I was in the midst of trying to find a doctor who would provide a solution that I would be happy with, I found HSS. Dr. Shubin Stein was the first doctor who I truly felt put my needs as a patient ahead of everything, examined the current field of research to find solutions that no other doctor had recommended, and assured me that I will regain my identity as a healthy and pain-free athlete. She administered three PRP injections in each of my knees. At the time, PRP was in its early years as a remedy for tendinitis yet Dr. Shubin Stein was able to craft a treatment plan that was specific to my case and repaired my inflamed tendons. The treatment plan required me to get three extremely painful injections a week apart in each knee. Every week, on the way to my appointment I felt nervous and queasy, yet upon arrival would be immediately eased by the nurses and by Dr. Shubin Stein. I was cared for as a patient by everyone at HSS and put my trust in the entire staff. My physical therapist at HSS was incredible; the progress I made with her and the knowledge I gained was incomparable to any previous physical therapists I had.

I could not have made a better decision for my health and happiness by choosing HSS. I was able to return to running pain-free and have ran PRs ever since the injury. I have been able to run higher mileage than I would have ever have dreamed of being able to do. I time-qualified for the 2019 NYC Marathon, which I will be running this weekend.